Why I hate Asian sellout whores
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  Famous Whorientals in History: Spotlight on Empress Dowager Cixi

I'll pay a little tribute to Chinese history, and do a piece on the undisputed mother of all whorientals - Dowager Cixi.

Here is a nice little summary on the whore quoted from Matt Quesnell of Gonzaga:

So here's the deal: apparently, there has been a recent movement to put forth a far more positive view of China's Empress Dowager Cixi, the de facto ruler during the Qing dynasty, arguing that she has been unfairly maligned and when seen more closely, her actions were reasonable responses to the difficulties that China faced.

Our mission is to prove the truth:Dowager was a huge fucking bitch. A big one.Here's why: She started out as a concubine and eventually scraped her way to the top in the court in order to get more power. Eventually, Cixi's son, being the only male heir to the throne, became emperor at the young age of six. Cixi set up a Regent to rule over China, but when the young emperor reached maturity, the Regent was terminated. Cixi, however, had already ensured that the emperor grew up into a flambouyant, immoral pile of crap who loved to party and kidnap entire towns full of little children to rape, not giving a rat's ass for government. Behind the Golden Throne, Cixi held the power. When the young emperor married and his wife had a son, Cixi felt threatened and ordered the baby killed, and the parents died "mysteriously" soon after. Cixi, with the help of the army, violated succession laws and placed her three-year-old nephew, whom she adopted, onto the throne. He was later placed under house arrest, and Cixi backed those encouraging the anti-foreign Boxer rebels. Unfortunately, it led to the harsh competition over and colonisation of China by outside powers.

By the end of the Boxer Rebellion, the foreigners overtook Peking and the Forbidden City. This was the first time in history that any foreigners entered the City without the consent of the Emperor. Cixi and her entourage fled the city, only to return when she accepted a humiliating peace treaty. From then on, the throne was nothing more than a puppet. In the last years of her life, Cixi began to willingly instate the very reforms that she had forbidden her adopted son to make. On her deathbed, she ordered her adopted son to be poisoned, so that he might not regain the throne. She then placed another three-year-old boy on the throne of Emperor. This boy, known as Henry Puyi, would be the last emperor. Apparently, he later was forced into the glamorous life of a bike repairman, ousted from his position only three years after the Empress's death since she had left everything such a total goddamn mess.Anyway, during her rule, many women and subjects were killed just for making her angry. She seized whatever she wanted by any means. She surrounded herself with money and banquets, jewels and other luxuries. She was served 150 different dishes at a single banquet. She drank from a jade cup and ate with golden chopsticks. She used navy funds to build herself a lavish summer palace, including a stupid-ass, giant marble "boat" for parties, rather than several real ones that could have been used for oh, I don't know, maybe some fighting and actual sailing.

At the end of her life, her jewelry vault held 3,000 ebony boxes of her "everyday
jewels." Because she lived in luxury despite China's difficult financial situation, there were insufficient funds for the military, which was later to contribute to the defeat of the war against Japan. Needless to say, not many mourned her death. In 1928, robbers broke into her grave to get the jewelry she was buried with. Even her final words were a huge screw against women to come: "Never again allow a woman to hold the supreme power in the State." All you ladies should want to travel back in time and bitch-slap this slut. (She was literally a whore, remember, since she was a concubine. That skank.)Anyway, to sum up, for over a half century Empress Dowager Cixi ruled China with a limitless greed for power, and under her rule the Qing Dynasty grew more and more corrupt and weak. She was a devious despot who maintained a deathgrip on what little power she had until that power faded out completely."Unfairly maligned?" I will punch you in the face if you try and feed me that crap.Never forget: DOWAGER = BIG BITCH.

Lemme just highlight a few things here:

1. She seized power of the government after an early death of the Emperor, and she kept that power through political manipulations, assisinations, appoitment of officials that were basically her puppets, you name it.

2. At the peak of the Qing Dynasty during the rule of KangXi, Yong Zheng, and Qian Long, the Manchurian army was undisputed the single most powerful army in the world, and would have crushed the European army at the time. Sure, by the time that Cixi took power, Qing had fallen from its peak, but it should still have been more than capable of defending itself against the Europeans. But unfortunately, when the Europeans came, this fucking whoriental was in charge, and she pulled the curtains on the darkest century in China's five thousand years of record history.

3. Because Cixi did not want to have anyone challenging her powers, she would always appoint the youngest, most incompetent candidate to become the next emperor of China. Most of these were still kids when they became king of motherfucking China, and in the case of Guang Xu, he was five when he was crowned, and his father had to be called in so he would stop crying. It was absolutely ridiculous what this bitch did. When Guang Xu grew up into his teens, he saw the plight that China was in, and tried to implement changes to modernize China, and industrialize in order to compete with the European powers, this was called the Revolution of 100 Days. This of course was ruthless suppressed by Cixi, and Guang Xu was placed under house arrest for the rest of his life. Where would China be today if those changes were implemented and China was industrialized 100 years earlier? We dont know, but we do know that we hate that bitch Dowager.

4. After the first Opium War, China tried to establish a navy in order to combat the British invaders. This plan was called "The water fleet of the North Sea" and patriots all over China were enthusiastic about this idea, and on the surface Cixi approved of it as well. HOWEVER, it was her 60th birthday or some shit like that, so she decided that she would use the money meant for building a fleet to celebrate her motherfucking birthday. So what ended up happening was that the naval force was extremely ill-equipped, unfit to challenge to British naval power, but Cixi did not want to admit that it was her fault for blowing all the money on fucking mooncakes made of gold or some shit like that, she insisted that the fleet must go face the British navy, so basically sent the sailors to their death.

5. Under the rule of Cixi, China signed over more territories than it had EVER signed over to any foreign body in its previous history of 5000 fucking years. Combined under the Convention of Peking and the Treaty of Nanjing, China gave up Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Tian Jin, and Canton, Xiamen, FuZHou, Ningpo, Outer Manchuria to varous European powers. Beijing was occupied for the first time ever by foreigners, and what is the first thing that the white fucks did? They burned down the Summer Palace, of course, after looting everything that they could carry back to Europe, and still displaying in the Louvre, of the Royal Museum of Britain. It pains me as a Chinese to even write this, and we will never forget this humiliation, never. 勿忘国耻.

6. The summary failed to mention that Cixi was a HUGE whore to the foreigners that were trying to colonise China. There is a shitload of pictures of this bitch floating around, because she was supposed to be a huge fan of photography, and loved having her ugly face photographed. There are also rumors that Cixi slept with some white fuck that later wrote a biography on her, and in the book, he claimed that she said he was the best lover that she's ever had. What a fucking whore.

So basically, Cixi was ten times worse than Hitler, because at least Hitler was looking out for his people, all Cixi cared about was having some ridiculously extravagant life style at the cost of her own country and her own peope.

So why did I spend time writing about this rather obscure piece of history (to Non-Chinese anyway)?

Because Cixi was not some kind of mutant freak that came along once every five thousand years. No, in fact, Cixi was no different from the average Chinese woman, maybe a little exaggerated but definitely within the normal realm of Chinese women. The difference was that up until Cixi, the men were successful in never allowing a woman to be in charge of China, there were cases where men were strongly influenced by women like their queens or concubines, but those regimes were promptly overthrown by other Chinese men. Cixi is representative of Asian women as a group, and offers a rare glimpse into how they really think and operate especially when they are in control.

In fact, in the United States, I see little Cixi wannabes all around me everyfuckingday, all the fucking time, guzzling on white cocks, continuing to bring further degradation and shame onto their culture and their people, and backstabbing the Chinese men and sending them to their death.
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
  Changing faces - whoriental style
I was gonna call it a day and go chill on the beach with my RICH AND BEAUTIFUL friends, but this shit is just too offensive not to comment on.

Chinese students spend summer holidays trading faces

Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:03 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) -- Like a growing number of students in China, Pan Ou will spend her university vacation going under the knife in a plastic surgery procedure she hopes will boost her chances of getting a good job after graduation.

"I want to be more beautiful, to perfect myself," Pan, a student at one of China's most prestigious law schools, told Reuters in the waiting room of EverCare Xingfu hospital.
"My face is too big and flat, like all Asians. I would also like to make my nose higher," said the attractive 23-year-old.

Um, last time I visited China, there were people with big faces and small faces, flat and curved. So speak for yourself, ugly ass bitch. I am sure your huge flat face will look much better after getting a German schnoozer.

The EverCare in Beijing is one of thousands of plastic surgery clinics mushrooming across China with promises to make patients more beautiful, more successful and more marriageable.

There are a lot of reasons why you whorientals will never be successful, or marriageable to men, other than fat white Asianphiles; the least of which is because you have single lid eyes, dumb bitch.

Photographs of women before and after surgery, accompanied by testimonials, are displayed on the clinic's walls. Pan's portrait may soon join them.
EverCare has agreed to give her free corrective surgery after a 10,000 yuan ($1,200) breast reduction operation at another hospital left her with bad scarring and one breast larger than the other.
Pan hopes to also receive free operations to make her nose higher and sculpture her face, she said.
In return, she has agreed to allow the hospital to use her face for the next five years to promote its plastic surgeries. "The finer details haven't been worked out, but they agreed they wouldn't use images of private parts of my body."

God, I wonder what kind of shady ass place this dumb bitch went to for her first boobjob. And I wonder how she paid for it, I am certain it did NOT involve any form of sucking on things.

Pan is one of many students in China getting plastic surgery over the summer break when a three-month vacation gives time for bandages to come off and bruises to heal before school resumes.
"There is definitely a trend in students having operations," said Dr. Liu Yanqun, EverCare's director. His hospital gives students 20 percent discounts on plastic surgery procedures.
Parents who grew up under Mao Zedong's austere communist rule, when plastic surgery was unimagined and feminine beauty frowned upon, now encourage their kids to go under the knife with the hope that a prettier face may give them an edge.
"It's an economic age of beauty," said Liu. "A good-looking girl earns 10 percent more than others."

So instead of 10 cents per hour, they pay bitches with cut faces 11 cents? What a steal!

EverCare performed over 1,000 operations last year. Around 95 percent of the patients were women and over 20 percent were aged under 25. Like cars and mobile phones, plastic surgery is no longer considered a luxury, Liu said.
"It has become a need for ordinary people," he said.
Government officials estimate that $2.4 billion is spent annually in China on plastic surgery procedures. They say about one million such operations take place every year.
Eye and nose modifications are the most common operations.
"These are the areas for that all-important first impression -- the place where people first look and where a lover's eyes gaze," Liu said.
Now school-age girls can get "double eyelids" for 2000 yuan ($250) -- a procedure favored by aspiring stars -- where a crease is added to the eyelids to make the eyes appear larger.
Bi Shumin, a prominent psychologist and writer on women's health, said the youth boom in plastic surgery reflected China's frantic modernization. The sheer pace of change has made first impressions paramount, she said.
"Unlike the past, (when) we had a lot of time to get to know each other. Now, we judge people and are judged within a very short period," she said.

Yes, intelligent Asian men in the know avoid bitches with the fake double eyelid like the plague.

For China's graduating students, cosmetic surgery offers a skin of protection in an increasingly brutal job market where women often come second.
While the nation's economy charges full-steam ahead, millions of university graduates are finding the jobs promised when they began work on their degrees simply don't exist.
This year, 4.13 million students are entering the workforce -- 22 percent more than in 2005. Many are reluctant or ill-qualified to work in the heavy industries fueling China's growth and face a service industry too small to absorb them.

Haha, what a bunch of dumb whores. Here is a free clue for you, the most lucrative industries also happen to be the most risky, have the most stigma and require the most amount of personal sacrifices, examples: petroleum, chemicals, arms, tobacco... but why am I tell this to you? You should already know, you are all whores.

With media reports of this year's graduates taking jobs as cleaners and domestic helpers for rich families, it's no wonder students and their parents are seeking an edge in looks, said Yang Chun, a 32-year-old TV anchor.
"Many parents fully support their kids getting these procedures, particularly high school kids going to university," she said. "They'll say 'It's a new environment, no one will know you. Why not enter it with confidence and a fresh, new outlook," she said, speaking after receiving a collagen injection for her lips.

We wouldn't even hire whorientals to be our cleaners, because I am afraid they might whore up the place.

Here is a suggestions to all of your whorientals, instead of just cutting your eyes, raising your noses, applying bleaching creams on your ugly ass faces, why not just go all the way? Bleach out your whole body like Michael Jackson did, pad your cheekbones, then dye your hair blonde, and just starting telling everyone you are Anglo-Saxon or something. Oh wait, that wouldn't work because the whorientals would lose their most loyal fans, the fat ass white Asianphiles who probably experience erectile dysfunctions when they are even in the vicinity of their worse nemesis - white women. OOps.
  You whorientals are disgusting
Gosh, there is so much disgusting shit from whorientals everywhere in the News, I hardly have enough time to keep up.

Chinese Log On for Retribution By Ching-Ching Ni Times Staff Writer 9:50 PM PDT,
September 4, 2006 BEIJING — A woman in a leopard-print halter top cuddles a kitten. She puts the little gray tabby on the ground. She lifts her foot and grinds the heel of her sparkly stiletto shoe into the terrified animal's eye and crushes its head. Her work done, she gazes into the distance smiling. The photographs set the Internet on fire in China. Instead of just airing their outrage online, Web users decided to hunt down the kitten killer.



Do you think this is an isolated incident? WRONG.

Friday, August 25, 2006 at 04:00 EDT
TOKYO — A recent essay by prize-winning novelist Masako Bando in which she describes killing kittens immediately after they are born by throwing them off a cliff has sparked hundreds of protest emails and phone calls, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper that ran the essay said Thursday. In the essay titled "Killing Kittens" in the newspaper's Aug 18 evening edition, Bando, 48, wrote that she owns three pet cats and throws their kittens off the cliff near her house on the South Pacific island of Tahiti whenever they give birth to any.


I think I am gonna puke. DIE BITCH DIE.
Monday, September 04, 2006
  How good is your Asian whore-dar?
Definitions, definitions. The most fucking exciting part of any discussion, so fuck you.

I am gonna just copy and paste from Urbandictionary.com because I am not lazy at all:
A woman of asian descent who believes in all stereotypes of asians, secretly despising her own identity as an asian and desperately seeks out foreign men (usually white) to make herself feel more white and desired."

A synonymous term:
"(N.) CCB - "Cracker Chasing Bitch"An acronym used to designate those women (usually of the asian persuasion) who prefer to choose caucasian males and/or females as sexual/relationship partners.
Daaaamn fool, look at them gold-diggin' ccb's, all up on that cracka's nuts like cheese on pizza."

There are self-haters, auto-racists, and sellouts in every race, why am I specifically focusing on Asian sellout whores?

Reason one, I am fucking Asian. Reason two, due to whatever reasons what I will not get into in this post, there are more sellout whores of East Asian descent than any other ethnicity that I am aware of; the whoring occurs both at a higher frequency and at a higher degree of offensiveness than other other ethnic group.

What are signs to look for in identifying these whorientals?

- If you are an Asian male who is kinda short and dorky and maybe looks a little FOBish, does she either pretend that you don't exist and/or make it clear that your mere presence is offensive to her?
-If you are an Asian male that is fairly Americanized and popular among your peers, does she talk to you only with a forced smile, but still has a look of disgust on her face that seems to surface every once in a while? Does she take a personal offense to any of your romantic involvements with white girls?
- If you are an Asian male who is vocal about Asian rights and a loyalist to Asian culture, does she talk to you with a low pitched growl, and tries to shit on you whenever she gets the chance?
- If you are a white male, who is probably ugly, fat and stupid, but nevertheless breathes, does she salivate all over your nuts?
- If this is an ABC whoriental, does she not speak her native language, and is offended by the fact that people would think she speaks it?
- If this a native whoriental, does she speak good English, especially well-versed in small talks and bar topics?
- Does she look really really pale, like she hasn't seen the sun in years, and carries an umbrella whenever there is sun out?
- Does she insist that she is "American", not "Asian American", and tries to do all the "American" things like watching football, or beer bonging, or just being really obnoxious and retarded in general?
- If this is a native whoriential, does she know all the designer names, like LV, Gucci, and loves talking about them? Does she gleam with self-satisfaction because she knows how to order the most "scene" drink at some retarded expat bar infested with gweilos?
- Is she in anyway associated with Shanghai, Taipei, Japan, or Shanghai?

There are way more than this, but it is a start. Quite frankly, when you are living in a place like the United States, unless you know for a fact that she is not a whoriental, I would just assume that she is one, and you would be right about 80% of the time.
  Here, there and everywhere
It is impossible nowadays to go online without seeing a shitload of diarrhea from Asian whorientals everywhere. It is offensive, and I am not happy. I am not gonna have time this weekend to do a full write up on the social background and possible explanations for the existence of Asian whoredom, but I wanted to comment on a couple of things that I have seen recently, before I forget about them.

Coffee Park said...
When I was a kid, I was educated with such ideology as “love is
pure” “greed for money is bad” “sex before getting married is evil” or something
like that. People with that brainwash will be drived crazy if he/she lives in
current China. There are just two choices left for such kind of people: becoming
extremely cynical or becoming compliant after torturous confusion.So I am kind
of jealous of those 80’s generation, they grow up in that material world and
there is nothing wrong or hesitation-worthy of what they do. Maybe we can think
it in another way, in wild world; it is a nature for female animals to use their
sex appeals to lure those strongest male animals as their mates. China is in
fact just like the Wild West; we have to admit that most of those girls who use
their sex appeals CAN get what they want, either a rich husband or a white
husband. So maybe discussing about these issues will be mocked by people because
technically these girls ARE the winners. Just take care of our own business is
ok, I guess, it is not a society which suitable to discuss of morale.

This was a comment on this dumb ABC bitch's blog. It is bad enough that all this ABC bitch writes about is how she is currently living in Shanghai, and how everyone is jealous of her connections to the West, and how pale her skin is, and of how she looks down upon all the locals and only hangs with the expats. But you also have other whoriental bitchs like this one here that tries to justify this kind of behaviour with retarded ass explanations like the quoted part. Good job with the evolutionary point of view, so why don't you just rub your vagina on trees so the stronger males could battle it out, then the alpha male could track you back into your cave, then impregnate you? If the whorientals that find a fat white loser to marry out are winners, then who are the losers? It is not even about morals, you dumb shit, it is about having some bottom line respect for yourself, your culture, your country, and your people.

A common Shanghai girl

I feel I have a lot to say after reading the articles. Overall, they are really very funny. I grew up in Shanghai and took the undergrad in a university very close to Fudan. Now I’m studying and living in the US. I agree a lot with what the author said about Shanghai, about the girls there, about the girls’ parents, even about the condon. Haha. (My boyfriend (Chinese) has the same feeling after he came to the US. ) 给那些指责他的同胞: 他只是个典型的花花公子,还喜欢炫耀(show off)我觉得这也是挺正常的。每个人有每个人的生活方式。有人可以不赞同,但你也无须干涉别人怎么生活的。 值得我欣赏的是,他写得应该大部分是事实。外国人在中国确实是被宠坏了啊!上海酒吧里的女生不都喜欢搭讪外国人吗?中国做生意的人看到外国人不都客气三分吗?除了历史悠久,我们国家难道不是在很多方面不如欧美发达国家吗? 那我们为什么不面对事实呢?为什么中国女生想找外国人?大家都不是傻子,每个人都有爱国心,有好的中国男生为什么还要找一个语言文化上有隔阂的人做老公呢?归根到底是中国还太穷。看看加州动则几百万美金的豪宅,你就会觉得上海那些所谓的高档小区简直不值一提。 我觉得我们还是多把心思放在怎么更好的建设好我们的国家上面吧。保护环境,改善行政效率低的问题。环境好了,生活富裕了,男生都把体格练得棒棒的,也不用担心女生都找外国人了。 To the author: I like your writing. I laughed several times while reading the blog. But I don’t like your attitude toward love. I feel sorry for the girls you have cheated. Plus, be careful with your articles. The university may fire you due to the social pressure. Take care.

This was a comment from this pathetic expat English teacher in Shanghai who writes about how he fucks all of his female Chinese students for leisure. There has caused a little bit of a backlash from the Chinese men and there is supposed to be manhunt right now to throw him out of China for being such a scumbag. Surprise! Here you have another whoriental bitch opening defending the actions of this white trash. And of all the arguments that she could have used, at least she was honest enough to use the money argument. "Oh no, can you really blame the Chinese women for graving white cock? China is still a poor country! Just come to California and look at all the million dollar mansions! They make the upscale apartments in Shanghai look like jokes!" Nice, no wonder that even expats with half a brain think that you Shanghai sluts are all gold diggers that only care about two things: money or bling.


Do I need to comment on this one?

"I feel like Chinese tonight, hahaha?" Do you feel like getting AIDS and die cracker bitch?

I also hope that "MAHLING" bitch chokes on the white cum that she swallows and suffocates.

A word of advice to the cracker trash, after you lose your car, your house and get slammed with a shit of alimony, I really doubt you are gonna get much of that "sweet and sour Kung Pao chicken" from your Asian laundry girl. You know, even whores have a price tag.

  First Post
I hate Asian girls. They suck... white cocks.
This blog is the product of years of living in the West as an Asian male, and of the disgust and angst that have accumulated from witnessing the disgraceful behaviour of many Asian females around me.

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